12 Jul 2010

le petite bastide

we have fallen a little bit in love with this house. we know it's been featured on blogs before (we remember seeing it ages ago but can't quite recall where) but we were reminded of it the other day via deb's tumblr and sarah's blog. we couldn't resist featuring it here.

there is so much we love about it: white washed walls, beautiful concrete floors, the stunning mirror above the beautiful sink, simple pieces here and there that just work perfectly together - pared down elegance.
the location is beautiful too - in amongst olive groves and vineyards in Luberon in France. enjoy.


le petite bastide {website}


  1. I have stayed in this house, it's our favourite holiday home along with the owners' other property. Once you've been, you never want to go anywhere else!

  2. wow, that's cool that you have stayed there. perhaps one day we will too, it looks so beautiful.

  3. So serene.
    This is my kind of places too. We still have this dream of living in a country house like this in France or Italy. Maybe one day...

  4. I think you'd like the cabanon - it's been in lots of Frenc mags too - our kids love it because it's small, a wonderful pool and so much outdoor space.
    Some pics on my flickr

  5. deb - thanks for the link. it looks stunning!

    galit - it's lovely, isn't it. hope your dream comes true.


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