27 Jan 2011


we love all of the brooms on analogue life's website. can't decide which to buy.
what is your favourite ?

top left: large grass broom, top right: shuro tabletop broom
bottom left: grass hand broom, bottom right: hand broom with harimi dustpan


analogue life {website}


  1. So beautiful!! Love them.
    I think my favorite is the large grass broom. They all are really great.

  2. galit - that one is on our "to buy" list, not sure which small one to go for yet.

    glad you like them.

  3. I love your new rust shikiri! I just mentioned in my blog in my wishing list...regards from sunny Peckham, I know it is actually sunny!!!

  4. thankyou, so pleased you like our rust shikiri unit & thanks for including it on your wishlist.


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