14 Feb 2011

ceramics for new rustic - brickettdavda

we've always liked the beautiful ceramics by BrickettDavda and think a set would look perfect on our new kitchen/dining table new rustic. any from the colour palatte would work but pumice or slate would compliment the colours of the oak and the grey metal.

from the BrickettDavda website: "BrickettDavda produces a range of beautifully simple handmade tableware inspired by a very english palatte. the colours reflect the grey skies and the sea of the british coast & countryside, pigments that are calm and serene.
the shapes are concieved and designed from pure, functional objects, cherished and worn by use. the most important aspect of Jo Davda's work is that every piece inspires and enhances cooking & eating, with friends & family or simply on your own".


BrickettDavda {website}
new rustic by pachadesign {here}

top image: new rustic by pachadesign 2011 copyright © pachadesign 2011


  1. I've been looking for some new bowls and think I may just have fallen in love with these. They are so perfect in their simplicity.

  2. helen - they are beautiful, aren't they.


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