11 Apr 2017

our new studio opening this weekend

we've had a busy start to the year and lots of changes over the last few months too.  
we moved to Cornwall and found a new place for our workshop / studio space, so it feels like a completely fresh start for us which is great.

the studio space we found needed lots of work and we've spent the last few months converting it - we've built a completely new floor, some interior walls, a new ceiling, painted the inside and outside of the building and planned the space so that we can use it as not only a workshop but as a more permanent studio space to show our work.

it's very much going to be a multi-functional space - we have lots of ideas for the space to evolve and so it's a work in progress for us.  

we'd love you to come & visit us at our new studio space this Easter for our very first opening {details below}. our new space is still in Welcombe - follow signs to Koa Tree Camp just as you turn off the A39.

see you soon

sammy & glenn


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