30 Aug 2010

series: collection 1 poppies

poppy (common name)
papaver (latin name)

we have collected so many poppy seedheads this year and there are still a few flowering in our garden. the flowers are so delicate, one gust of wind and the petals seem to fly away. we won't pick all the seedheads, we shall leave some so the seeds can be scattered by the wind.


images: collection 1 poppies by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010


  1. Looks like flower buds, funny how life is like a circle. Old but just newly born.


  2. Beautiful!!
    They seem very big or is it just the way you took the photo?
    There is something seductive and enchanting about poppy seeds. You can feel their powers from just looking at them... (or maybe I just need another coffee...)

  3. bonito - they do look like flower buds.

    deb - thankyou.

    galit - maybe just my photos as they aren't that big really, glad you like them.


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