30 Aug 2010

series: collections

we've been collecting seeds and dead flowers from our garden all summer and especially over the last few weeks - lots of plants are started to go to seed but they still look just as beautiful, some even more so. we thought we'd share what we've been collecting with you in a little series.
the first collection will be coming up later today.


image: collections by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010


  1. Hello, this is a beautiful photo, I'd love to see your other collections. Thanks for visiting my blog, Monika

  2. I do the same. As the summer comes to an end I collect leaves and petals, anything, and it goes into a big bowl or on the mantel. By the way that maple key looks like it has some insect eggs on it. Hope they don't hatch in the house!

  3. thanks monica, hope you like the collections - there is a few more to come.

    len - I love collecting dead flowers and seedheads. the little eggs are lovely, aren't they. we didn't realize they were there until we set up the photo's.

  4. I love these little collections :)
    I've 6 full boxes of little treasures like these, it's an obsession.

  5. katarina - thankyou, glad you like them and we know what you mean about it being an obsession too.


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