17 Apr 2011

love factor presents: precious

our next exhibition starts this friday and we will be showcasing new work - we hope you can make it along {we will be present over the 4 days along with the other love factor members}.

love factor presents: precious {22nd - 25th april}

what do we perceive as precious ?

this easter sees an eclectic exhibition of contemporary furniture exploring the concept of what we see as precious, presented by 5 leading designer makers from the southwest.

in their 2nd love factor exhibition, paul anderson, sam walsh, christian o'reilly and glenn rushbrooke + samantha robb {pachadesign} will be showcasing new work over the 4 days at renowned ceramicist sandy brown's glove factory in appledore, north devon.

sammy of pachadesign explains: "to us, precious is about how much we love & cherish something. it's about its meaning to us, not simply its monetary value. what we make, why we make it, how we make it, the materials that we use, the lifestyle we have chosen as designer makers: it's all incredibly precious to us".

as well as giving an in-depth view into the meanings & processes behind their work, the makers will also highlight what is precious to each of them.

the exhibition runs from 22nd - 25th april {open daily 10.30am - 4pm, all designer makers will be present}

the old glove factory, newquay street, appledore, north devon, ex39 1lu

more info & directions: www.lovefactor.wordpress.com

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