7 Apr 2011


we have lots of seedlings growing at the moment {and a few things planted out in our vegetable garden already}. this little selection lives on our kitchen windowsill at the moment. tell us what you are growing this year, we'd love to know.

giant sunflowers and sugar snaps

opal dark red basil and poached egg plant

p.s. there will be garden updates soon.

images: copyright © pachadesign 2011


  1. So beautiful!!! I was waiting for those photos!! :)
    I planted yesterday rocket and basil. Not very interesting and too common I'm afraid but it is lovely to see them grow.
    Our garden is really small so there's not enough room for things of beauty, just spices usually.

    P.S. I'm just about to post about gardens too. Hopefully later tonight.

  2. thankyou galit!
    we will have lots more photographs to come {we get a little obssesed with our garden at this time of year, as you know}. glad you have rocket & basil planted and looking forward to your garden post later.


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