21 May 2010


we can't quite believe how beautiful the weather has been here today .... and it's forecast to stay this warm & sunny for the next few days. we finished work a little early today so we could spend some time in our garden. we managed to tidy it up a little and weed around our vegetable plants. we've had a couple of misty wet days this week so the slugs were nibbling on our salad plants, beans and courgettes. we need some friendly insects, so time to think about more flowers. we need ladybirds, bees, lacewings & hoverflies.

to attract ladybirds & lacewings: plant alliums, dill, fennel, yarrow, wormwood & calendula

to attract hoverflies: plant yellow flowers such as broom, yarrow, knapweed & poached egg flower. also calendula, sage, borage & tagetes

to attract bees: plant comfrey, jasmine, lavender, vetch, borage, poached egg flower, nigella, sage & calendula

hope you have a lovely weekend.


images: british insects {from here} top - bee & lacewing, bottom - ladybird & hoverfly


  1. Oh, I'm so glad I found your blog.

    Happy weekend to you too! I'll be coming back...

  2. thanks masha! enjoy your weekend too.

  3. lovely botanical prints ... i think it's going to be a warm and buggy year for gardening ... thanks for the tips on attracting "beneficials"

  4. Anonymous28 May, 2010

    I love the illustrations!! so lovely!!

  5. kate - aren't they lovely, glad you like them.


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