27 May 2010

swami's surf company

how stunning are these boards from swami's! we love the graphics - beautifully intricate drawings of feathers, arrow heads & surreal images inspired by the oceans, landscapes and abstract renditions of surf. go to their website {here} to check out the rest of their amazing collection.

1 & 2: dream map 4 & balsa feather
3: feather gun 1 detail
4 & 5: dream map 2 & dream map 3
6: dream map 4 detail

swami's bespoke boards are made in editions of 10, signed with the owners initials set into the deck.


swami's surf company {website}


  1. Amazingly sophisticated designs, these. And although they are not necessarily water-themed the curving lines would go well with water and waves, wouldn't they?

    Is surfboard design now a fully-fledged design sub-genre?

  2. thanks for your comment Emile. glad you like the designs, and yes, they would look very cool in the water.

    surfboard design, in terms of the shape of the actual board, is crucial to how well the board works and there are so many factors to consider when shaping a board. that's one of the reasons why glenn makes his own boards now because he knows what feels right for him in terms of the thickness, the concaves, where he's going to be using it, what kind of waves and conditions, ect.

    in terms of the graphics, it's nice to see someone trying something a little different. skateboard graphics have been really good and quite diverse for a while now, but surfboards not so much. there are some very cool old school surfboard graphics, but it's nice to see stuff like swami's intricate designs. we also love sea surfboards resin tint boards - very very different from swami's but also very beautiful.


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