8 May 2010

salad leaves

we have been separating salad seedlings: red & green salad bowl lettuces, paris island cos, ice queen, lollo rossa, lollo bionda and corn salad. we are running out of windowsill space.

hope you are enjoying your weekend. what are you growing at the moment ?


images: salad seedlings & seeds copyright © pachadesign 2010


  1. Oh, how wonderful. I have only managed to plant two tomato plants of the terrace, but at the moment I am in my moms enchanting garden and love the smell of dirt and plants:)

  2. thanks marie.
    we are totally obsessed with our garden at the moment and have seedlings growing on every windowsill it seems. we'll probably show some pictures of our progress in our garden soon.
    hope your tomatoes do well, we have struggled with tomato blight the last couple of years, so fingers crossed for this year.

  3. oh how lovely ,
    you can imagine how much i'm looking forward to the separating part :)

  4. Beautiful photograph of the little plants - as if they are fireworks or comets shooting up into the air.

  5. loraine - we love that part too.

    thankyou emile.


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