5 May 2010

currently loving

our currently loving collection this week is all about one shop - Analogue Life. I'm sure it's no surprise to you that we love japanese design - our own aesthetic is based on simplicity and paring down a design to its essence. the japanese pieces that we are drawn to seem to strip away all pretence, leaving humble but elegant designs.

I'm sure we will touch on this subject again and feature more from Analogue Life's beautiful collection - it was difficult enought to choose just 4 to show you here. Do take a look at the rest of their collection and let us know your favourites, if you'd like. We also really love the metal plates, knifes & spoons by Kanehen {here}.

details & links below. enjoy.

cara series - egg cups, milk pitcher & drinking cups designed by Rina Ono and handcrafted by Hidetoshi Takahashi.
small cup - Jurgen Lehl's Babaghuri pottery, moulded & shaped from gourds and coconuts.
perna tea cup & saucer - semiporcelain tableware from 4th-market's Perna line.
ironware ash boxes & trivets - designed by Sゝゝ and created at the Morihisa Suzuki Workshop.

Analogue Life {website}

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