29 Jun 2010

our garden {part 3}

a little glimpse at twilight in our garden

{part 1 & 2} - {here}


images: twilight in our garden © pachadesign 2010


  1. so nice. we are slowly getting ours together, yours is an inspiration.
    i hope you have many a wonderful evening in it this summer.
    our sun is just beginning to show itself, so much rain!!

  2. thanks g! we still have lots to do but it's getting there. we will be wishing for sunshine for you.

  3. these are so lovely shots... your garden, just gorgeous!

  4. Susan Krzywicki03 July, 2010

    Those lights are fabulous. I didn't see them in your pachadesign website as being for sale - did you manufacture them? Are they for sale?

  5. Ahh, this is the most calming photo-series I have seen in a long time!
    The way evenings are supposed to be spent, outside in a garden, non?

  6. susan - thankyou, glad you like the lights. we made the lights simply with little jars with string around the top & tea-lights inside.

    thanks marie, glad you like them.

    kee - thankyou so much!


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