15 Jun 2010


thankyou to everyone that came to see us at The Contemporary Craft Fair - it was really nice to catch up with everyone and we met some lovely new people too. we had a good show and had some really lovely comments about the new pieces.

we showcased our new mirror idea and had such a good response. taking up the whole back wall of our stand, we made a huge configuration of squares of slate & squares of mirror. the idea is that each square can be bought seperately and you can make your own configuration to suit your space or we can design one for you. we'll be putting the new mirror on our website soon.

we decided to have our stand white this year (our pieces seems to work well on white but also on very dark backgrounds like black too) and we had lots of little hanging plants in clear baubles which looked perfect with the materials we use for our furniture & accessories.

our oak & slate lamps were really popular this year and also our new coasters & japanese plates - made from little squares and rectangles of the reclaimed cornish slate we use & protected with an eco food safe sealant, they can be used to serve sushi on or simply as little stands for tea bowls. we sold out completely of all the sets we had made! we will be making more and hopefully in time for our open studio this friday, saturday & sunday (details in the next post) and they will be on our website soon too.

we had so many lovely comments about our stand and our work, especially about the new mirror and the two pieces of furniture we had - our low tea table and our off-set console, both made from reclaimed oak & black powder-coated steel.

thankyou again to everyone that visited us and if you missed the show or want to see our work again, we have an open studio here in Welcombe this weekend and then we will have a stand at the Exeter Craft Festival on friday 2nd july & saturday 3rd july - details about both events in the next post and {here}.


pachadesign {website}

images: pachadesign show stand set copyright © pachadesign 2010


  1. So glad you had a great response, the booth looks very fresh and soothing. Love the mirrors, both the square mirrors with the slate squares and the long narrow slate mirrors. I would like to see a line of slate and mirror on a long wall hung like a line of pictures in a gallery. The ideas are endless. Your coasters and plates look wonderful. Keep up the great work.

  2. thanks Len, so pleased you like the look of our stand. we did have a customer that bought some slate squares and a mirror square to put in a line - and what's nice about it is that it can be changed or added to or split up to make a couple of smaller mirrors ... you are right, the ideas are endless.

    thanks for your comment Len.


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