2 Jun 2010

uxua casa hotel

hope you all had a lovely weekend. we are a bit late with posting this week, it being wednesday already, but we are so busy at the moment. we have been working hard getting lots of lovely things made for The Contemporary Craft Fair {details here} and our summer open studio {details about that soon}. and we will be setting up for the Appledore Visual Arts Festival exhibition this week too {details here}.

so, we're working long long hours at the moment but dreaming of holidays: warming sunshine, calm blue seas, hammocks & cool breezes, green tropical plants, white washed huts on the beach. and we're dreaming of this beautiful place on the Bahia coastline in Brazil owned by Wilbert Das. Uxua Casa Hotel consists of nine houses built & decorated by local artisans using traditional building methods and recycled materials, set within a beautiful secret garden.

it looks stunning - the beautiful photography is by Fernando Lombardi and Wilbert Das, and website details for the hotel are below.


Uxua Casa Hotel {website}


  1. Wow... thanks for this. It looks amazing!

  2. thanks for the comment. right back at you. ..you guys are so inspiring and have fantastic taste. i want to thank you for introducing me to the plenty cookbook. i have made quite a few things so far and love it. take care.

  3. haha reading your mind then haha...I have been in Brazil and hope to go back next year at some point. Hopefully I will get to Troncoso and stay here at least for a night haha...

    You know I applied for Origin too, and wasn't accepted, I was very disappointed but not sad, there are other ways to promote the business, but it takes for ever...I am thinking of going to Pulse later on, what do u think of this fair??

  4. marga - sorry to hear that you didn't get into Origin. it will be our first time there and we're not sure what to expect really. we have a few friends that have done it before but you never can tell how a show is going to go for you.
    we have never been to Pulse so can't really comment on the show - we are doing The Contemporary Craft Fair in Devon this weekend, so we'll ask about and see if anyone has done Pulse and let you know.

    g - thanks and so pleased you love the plenty cookbook too.

    liza - glad you liked the link.


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