27 Jun 2010


our friends Roop & Alice (ramp) make the most beautiful pots. those of you who used to read our old blog will remember us featuring their work before, but we wanted to let you know that their new website is now online. we have a few pieces of their work but everytime we see them at a show we always fall in love with something new. Their newest work is a collection of porcelain pieces which includes mugs, small bowls, little jugs and boxes with little oak lids.
we saw Roop & Al the other weekend at The Contemporary Craft Fair and their stand looked beautiful as always - we love the large bowls and platters they make, beautiful elegant shapes with deep blues and delicate markings inspired by nature.


ramp {website}

all images are copyright © RAMP


  1. I have one beautiful cup by Ramp which i bought several years ago at the Contemporary Craft Fair in Bovey. it is mine and mine alone , noone else is allowed to use it, I drink my coffee in it every morning, it's slightly chipped now unfortunatly, usually against my rules, but I love it so much I continue to use it, everything about it is perfect, the shape, size, pattern and mostly the lightness, it is almost wieghtless. i wish I'd bought more at the time, It was only £20 then, I'm sure their work is much more now.

  2. charlotte - thanks for your comment about roop and al's lovely work. we have a few pieces from them including a couple of cups, they are lovely aren't they. we will be sure to pass on your lovely comment to them next time we catch up with them.


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