5 Mar 2010

the middle east & have a nice weekend

we hope that you have all enjoyed the first week of our new blog. thankyou for all your lovely comments on the new layout - we are thrilled that you like it.

we'll be giving you details on Monday of our little giveaway so don't forget to pop in and add our new blog address to your reading lists (so we can see you in our followers list and make sure you get an extra chance of winning).

we thought we'd leave you this week with a lovely song & video from one of our favourite bands at the moment, The Middle East. The song is called Blood and is beautiful, but a little sad too. (credits & links below).

enjoy the rest of your friday & the weekend and let us know what you think of the song & video.


the middle east {website} & {myspace}
video by greedy hen {website}


  1. Great music+vid! love the blog as well. I plan on coming down at some point, in the spring perhaps, will you two be around at that time?

  2. hi simon, welcome to our little blog, glad you like it. we have emailed you about a visit, it will be good to see you.

  3. wow -I was going to the studio but that has stopped me in my tracks! I've now got to show it to John before I leave!

  4. claire - glad you like it, it's so beautiful isn't it.


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