3 Mar 2010

currently loving

every week, or every fortnight, or maybe simply whenever we feel like it, we are going to share with you a little collection of things we are currently loving (in a post like this and on the sidebar above the "we like" list).
it might be a film or a song, a beautiful design, a photographers work, a new blog that we have come across, a book - just a few things that have caught our eye and made us want to show you all.

here is the first, enjoy.

letter to jane magazine - a beautiful online publication by Tim Moore
frame, crescent, eclipse - stunning bottle openers by Oji Masanori
toast travels - the new online cultural scrapbook from toast
lives of the artists - beautifully shot film directed by Ross Cairns


  1. Wow - I want to know more! All four images have piqued my curiosity.

  2. cool, hope you enjoy the links deborah

  3. everything looking lovely here!

  4. Perfect collection !!!!!


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