1 Mar 2010


welcome to our new blog!

we thought it was time for a change - so, new location, new name & a new look. we hope that you like it. we are going to be adding new pages at some point (we'll let you know as and when). hopefully those of you that were following and reading our old blog will join us here now too.

we have a few things to share with you this week & a little giveaway coming up soon too - it will be open to all, but if you add yourself as a follower to this blog, you will have an extra chance. everyone who was following the old blog, don't forget to add yourselves here now and we'll give you details of the giveaway soon.

enjoy & thanks for joining us here.


image: jasmine tea copyright © pachadesign 2010


  1. love it! It's beautiful. Updating the address in my blogroll right now. px

  2. thanks pia - you are our first visitor!

  3. Hi, I like the new look it doesn't feel so cramped. Do you have a followers button; no matter I am updating anyway.

  4. thanks Len, glad you like it, we were going for bigger images and a more minimal feel.

    to follow the new blog just add this new address to the blogs you follow on your reading list on your dashboard.

  5. Love the new design!


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