10 Mar 2010

currently loving

perhaps this currently loving is going to be a wednesday thing (?)
(descriptions & links below)


derriere - cool looking restaurant in paris {website} {more pics on yatzer by andrea ferrari here}
protect our waves - lovely film by richard stewart {website} for surfers against sewage {website}, with animation by robin bushell {website}
mast brothers chocolate - we would buy chocolate from these guys {website}
field & sea - jennifer creates the loveliest handmade paper goods & art, we have some of her beautiful script beads {website} {etsy shop} {her inspiration}


  1. Love the script beads, just put them on my Tumblr with a link back to you .

  2. deb - aren't they beautiful! we love jennifer's work and her inspiration tumblr is lovely too.

  3. Love the bookcase in the top photo

  4. mandy - make sure to check out the rest of the images, it looks like a cool place.

  5. I love your aesthetic - a kind of post-industrial wabi, perhaps? I am trying to highlight surfaces and textures on my own, recently started blog.


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