19 Mar 2010

new mirrors on our website

we have just added 4 new mirrors to the accessories page on our website - they are all fairly large sculptural mirrors, 3 in reclaimed cornish slate & 1 made with lots of lovely oak off-cuts.
the details for each mirror are on our website - do have a look and tell us what you think.

our square off-set mirror has a beautiful piece of reclaimed cornish slate covering two thirds, with a long strip of mirror to one side. this piece (when not in stock) can be made to order, and at different sizes depending on the slate we can get - and, as every piece of the slate is different, each mirror will be unique. {more details here}

we first made our full-length oak off-cuts mirrors last year for a summer show and they sold straight away. the oak off-cuts are all different widths & heights, with some being slightly darker in colour than others. again, with the off-set design that we use often, the full-length piece of mirror sits to one side. {more details here}

{left} this is one of our favourite new designs probably because it's so striking as it's over 2 metres long. we have exhibited a couple of these mirrors now in beautiful white spaces and they have sold instantly. pieces of reclaimed cornish slate this size are becoming harder to find but we do have a few pieces in stock to make commissions like this. {more details here}
{right} this mirror was originally made as a commission for a couple in london to go over their fireplace. they needed a really large mirror and the reclaimed cornish slate that we use is impossible to find in the sizes they needed, so we came up with the 2 piece frame. we thought it worked really well and they loved it. {more details here}


pachadesign {website}
all images: sculptural mirrors by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010


  1. i am in love with these! i have always used mirrors in my space and these are wonderful. i especially love the 2nd one.

    xo Alison

  2. Your designs are simply beautiful!

  3. I love the slate mirrors. The stains from the overlapping slabs of slate are so beautiful.

  4. alison, shayna & len - thankyou so much for your kind words, glad you like the mirrors.

  5. Yes the stains are like memories of other slates now gone.

  6. emile - we love using materials with a history to them.


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