22 Apr 2010

100 days: sketched in marble by william peers

a while ago now, we mentioned (on our old blog) that we had been to visit our friends Sophie & Wim at their lovely home, for the viewing of the first of Wim's sculptures for his upcoming exhibition 100 days: sketched in marble. Wim carved 100 sculptures in 100 days and we were invited to see day 1 to day 30.

all 100 can now be seen at the John Martin Gallery in London from tomorrow 23rd april through to 15th may {details, credits & links below}.

from Wim's website:

100 days – 100 sculptures: By setting a boundary – restricting the time allowed for each piece, and therefore, the size of the work – there is a strange liberation. The constants of time and material also lend the series a unity: the sculptures are linked by their common constraints. William Peers writes: "The other motive is to explore the area between figuration and abstraction. I began as a figurative artist twenty years ago, but then had a sudden and complete move towards abstraction. I am left with a sense of a gulf between the two disciplines. This series of sculptures is an attempt to investigate unfinished business."

100 days: sketched in marble by William Peers opens 23rd April - 15th May at the John Martin Gallery, Albemarle Street, London.


William Peers {website}
John Martin Gallery {website}
photography by Pooch (Peter Purtill) {website}


  1. Thet really enliven the sapce around them. And you have the sense that they are all the same sculpture, which is morphing in front of your eyes.

  2. emile - beautifully photographed, aren't they. I think with each day and each sculpture, there was a distinct follow on from one to the next.


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