11 Apr 2010

deadlines and deliveries

what a week we have had - and it's sunday already. we've missed a few days posting (sorry about that) but a couple of deadlines crept up on us all of a sudden, so everything else had to wait. we had to deliver work to a gallery in St. Ives at the start of the week and had a lovely day looking around galleries in Newlyn and Penzance. Newlyn Art Gallery's exhibition was Subterrania - a solo exhibition of large scale photographic works by Fiona Crisp and also Ceramics in the Studio by Jason Wason. The gallery is beautiful inside and the view from the studio is stunning.

we also popped into Badcocks Gallery in Newlyn, as our good friend Paul Anderson has a selection of new sculptural pieces in their latest exhibition, along side work by painter Jeremy Le Grice. The exhibition is on until april 28th.


Newlyn Art Gallery {website}
Badcocks Gallery {website}
Paul Anderson {website} {blog}

top images: newlyn art gallery copyright © pachadesign 2010
bottom images: Badcocks Gallery


  1. I'd have to agree that that studio and it's view are incredible!

    The leaf lantern arrived perfectly. I just love it. The instructions are beautifully detailed and helpful, too. Thank you so much.

  2. liza - so glad you liked your lantern, enjoy.


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