28 Apr 2010

erratic posts & foals

there may be a few erratic posts from us over the next week or so. we are pretty busy at the moment, loads of stuff happening and some new things to organise too. we shall keep you posted.

there are waves finally, so glenn is happy - that's keeping him going.

and this foals song is keeping me going at the moment .... really looking forward to their new album (may 10th). and their new website is beautiful! I know the new website is online now but if you are going to visit it, you should start here first. the jigsaw images (with little snippets of each song from the album & some lyrics) were put online a day at a time, back in march and then finally, after all 10 images, you could enter the new site. a beautiful idea, we think.

the changing images on the first page are beautiful and we love the photographs on the band section of the gallery. if you click on the total life forever album cover you can listen to a preview of each song.

start here first. enjoy.


foals {website}
not sure who took all the beautiful images (maybe the band members ?) but if anyone knows, please let us know, thanks.


  1. Wonderful.
    The images on the first page kept me looking for couple of long minutes.

  2. I'm glad you liked it - the little piece of music on the homepage is lovely too.


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