14 Apr 2010


we've been catching up on sowing seeds ready to plant out in our veggie garden (we're a little bit behind with a few things - we usually have lots of seed trays on the go by now). so, yesterday we did trays of beans (climbing, dwarf & borlotti), cavolo, 3 types of tomatoes, chilli's, leeks and courgettes. And we managed to plant some red onoins in the garden too. we are tempted to get one of the little paper pot makers {here} for when all the seedlings need to be seperated.

or we could grow seedlings in manga comics ......... did anyone else see this article on notcot about manga farming ? it's an art installation by Koshi Kawachi of radish seedlings that have been grown in manga comics. seeds, comic books, water, sun & air. we think it's beautiful.

you can see more images on Koshi's website and there is an interview with him on shift magazine.


Koshi Kawachi {website}
shift magazine interview {here}
found via notcot {website}

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