6 Apr 2010


we've started planning our veggie garden for this year - digging over the beds, working out what's going where, sorting out seeds. we can get a little obsessed with planting seeds. growing stuff from seed is magical. which is perhaps why we think this is so stunning ...........

.......... the UK Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is the Seed Cathedral designed by Heatherwick Studio. It's 20 metres high and is made up of 60,000 transparent fibre optic rods. Each 7.5 metre long rod has one or more seeds enclosed at it's tip - 217, 300 seeds in total. The fibre optic rods gently sway with any wind movement and draw daylight into the interior to illuminate it during the day, while light sources inside each rod makes it glow at night.

Heatherwick Studio designed the pavilion to explore the relationship between nature & city and to encourage visitors to look again at the role of nature and wonder whether it could be used to solve the current social, economic and environmental challenges of our cities.

the beautiful photography is by Daniele Mattioli and you can read more about the Seed Cathedral on yatzer.


found via yatzer {here}
photography by Daniele Mattioli {website}
Heatherwick Studio {website}
UK Shanghai Pavilion {website}


  1. WOW! It is strangely, yet stunningly beautiful.

  2. I'm speechless. It is divine.

  3. Visual beauty and a strong concept in one and the same object - admirable.


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