26 Apr 2010

currently loving

how was your weekend ? hope you had a good one. ours was spent gardening and sowing lots more seeds - veggies and some flowers too this time. ox eye daisies because they are just lovely, meadowsweet because we love the scent and tagetes to plant in amongst the vegetables - which, incidentally, have the coolest looking seeds ever.

a new collection of things we are currently loving for this monday - click on the links below to visit the websites and enjoy.

companion parrot by tithi kutchamuch - jewellery from the second generation of "a secret friend": bronze, silver, aluminium {website}
catherine willis - wall of the perfume rings, the batons de parole, the grapefruits. some of catherine's latest pieces, we are big fans of her beautiful work. {website}. and see more on david's blog {here}
leila arzaghi - trace of memory, objects, yarn. fragile, beautiful and fleeting moments of time in the form of objects and jewellery. {website}
peter nencini - beautiful hand werk boxes containing a set of materials & forms for abstract play - we want one of these! {website} {blog} found this morning via the always inspiring lee from 2 or 3 things.

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