11 Oct 2010

story + deli

story has always been one of our favourite places - it's such a beautiful space and ann shores styling is perfect. we went to the story deli for pizza twice while we were exhibiting at Origin - if you haven't already been, we think you should.

story {website}


  1. just finding you. liking what i see so far - those masks in the last post!

  2. mlle paradis - thankyou & welcome to our blog, glad you like it.

  3. deb - it's a beautiful space, just around the corner from spitalfields, so we went there for dinner a couple of times while we were at Origin. we used to go to the other shop they had up the road but they have combined the shop and the deli now into this one space. they sell beautiful natural things like shell mobiles and lampshades, organic creams, vintage finds.
    you must visit there next time you are in the uk.

  4. I can't believe I missed you guys at Origin, I was there, how can I didn't spot your work?? I wanted to say hello and see the work in person. I hope it went well, it was very busy!!


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