21 Feb 2011

pachadesign press

we wanted to say a huge thankyou to Mansoor - he interviewed us for the first article in a new ongoing series about woodworking & sustainability on getwoodworking.com - you can read the whole article {here}. thanks Mansoor.


pachadesign {website}

16 Feb 2011

a little garden update

alot of our garden looks dead at the moment but in a beautiful way, with dry stalks and twisty vines and dead flower heads here & there.
we are still picking cavolo, cress, japanese salad leaves, chard and leeks, and a little bit of purple sprouting broccoli has appeared.
and, after clearing away all the fallen leaves from the garden and the flower pots, we discovered new things growing - little yellow crocuses and delicate white snowdrops.

more about our garden {here}

images: pachadesign garden copyright © pachadesign 2011

14 Feb 2011

currently loving

hope you all had a lovely weekend. we finally managed to spend some time in our garden and sort some stuff out, so there will be a little garden update coming soon. and we finished a bit of decorating too, so a productive couple of days for us.

we added 2 new furniture pieces to our website on friday and our lovely friend David over at YHBHS featured our kaiseki table straight away {here}. thankyou David! we will be doing an interview with David soon for his lovely blog - we'll keep you posted.

so, no.12 of our currently loving series is all about the selby, which we are sure you have all heard of but if not check out the links below & look out for the book too. we have followed todd's website for a while now and got his lovely book for xmas - refreshingly real homes & spaces of interesting people with their stuff. here are 4 of our favourites. enjoy.

annie novak at eagle street rooftop farm, brooklyn {website}
artist meryl smith, east village {blog}
eileen peters {tumblr} & mark wiesmayr {website}, venice beach
retts wood, canal boat, london {website}

the selby {website}

images: todd selby

ceramics for new rustic - brickettdavda

we've always liked the beautiful ceramics by BrickettDavda and think a set would look perfect on our new kitchen/dining table new rustic. any from the colour palatte would work but pumice or slate would compliment the colours of the oak and the grey metal.

from the BrickettDavda website: "BrickettDavda produces a range of beautifully simple handmade tableware inspired by a very english palatte. the colours reflect the grey skies and the sea of the british coast & countryside, pigments that are calm and serene.
the shapes are concieved and designed from pure, functional objects, cherished and worn by use. the most important aspect of Jo Davda's work is that every piece inspires and enhances cooking & eating, with friends & family or simply on your own".


BrickettDavda {website}
new rustic by pachadesign {here}

top image: new rustic by pachadesign 2011 copyright © pachadesign 2011

13 Feb 2011

new work - new rustic

the 2nd of the two pieces we just added to our website is new rustic, another kitchen/dining table with benches. new rustic combines beautifully raw wide oak boards with a steel base powder-coated grey.

the table can be commissioned on it's own but we designed & made benches to go with the it for a more sociable feel. the perfect table for serving simple, wholesome, real food in a modern rustic kitchen (perhaps that's why we have this piece, new rustic, in our own kitchen).

for more info & images on our website {here}

new rustic designed & made by pachadesign {here}

images: new rustic by pachadesign 2011 copyright © pachadesign 2011

12 Feb 2011

bowls for kaiseki

when we made the new kaiseki table + bench (see post below), we also made 2 cornish slate pieces to go on the table - like placemats but for putting serving dishes on. they worked really well with the oak and the black steel. and when we set the table for the studio photographs we wanted a very simple look, nothing formal, just white plates and little tumbler glasses.

a couple of other pieces we thought would work really well with kaiseki is vincent van duyson's collection of pots for when objects work - beautiful earthenware containers with sand blasted oak lids. this black bowl or a collection of them would look great on the table.

we also love gary allson's hand made wooden bowls, plates & kitchen utensils. we've posted about gary's work before after we met him while exhibiting at origin last year. all of his pieces would suit the table but we thought this burnt oak bowl would look especially beautiful.


kaiseki by pachadesign {here}
pottery by vincent van duyson for when objects work {here}
oak bowl by gary allson {here}

top image: kaiseki by pachadesign 2011 copyright © pachadesign 2011

11 Feb 2011

new work - kaiseki

we added a couple of new pieces to our website today - this piece is called kaiseki and combines beautiful locally sourced oak and powder-coated black steel with stainless steel bolts. we also designed benches as a seating option for the table.

we named this piece after the japanese style of cuisine - kaiseki transforms the everyday & mundane. it uses simple seasonal ingredients and creates dishes of elegant simplicity & style.

the kaiseki table & bench was made for matthew & barbara's beautiful london kitchen and is featured on the product pages of the march 2011 issue of Icon magazine.

for more info & images on our website click {here}


kaiseki designed & made by pachadesign {here}

images: kaiseki by pachadesign 2011 copyright © pachadesign 2011

9 Feb 2011

news snippets

we've been busy this week - we've been working on a few updates for the website (not on there yet, but soon), making orders for a couple of galleries, decorating our house (slowly) and getting seeds ready for our garden (we are looking forward to getting out there and sorting out the beds). how's your week been so far ?

we wanted to thank Margarita from Chocolate Creative for including our rust shikiri unit in her wish list ..... thankyou! check out her blog {here} and her lovely shop too {here}.

we have a couple of new pieces of furniture to show you very soon and we'll have details of our next shows, exhibitions & open studios coming up too.

we also wanted to thank those of you that are following us on twitter - we don't "tweet" all that much, just every now and again to let you know what's new with us. follow us {here} if you aren't already.

7 Feb 2011


we've posted before about how mark borthwick is one of our favourite photographers - take a look at his work {here} and get a copy of "not in fashion" if you like what you see. we also love the space he lives in - this is his townhouse in brooklyn. beautiful, simple calm spaces full of light & plants & musical instruments & japanese teapots.


mark borthwick {website}
photographs by christopher sturman + keetja allard
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