30 Mar 2010

house within a house

another disused industrial building turned into a cool living space - this old foundry in the south of france has a wooden house built inside it and a beautiful lush indoor garden. the owners wanted the house to feel like a cocoon but also to keep the vast space of the foundry's white walls & huge glass windows.


march '08 issue {elle decoration}
photography by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer {website}

29 Mar 2010

our easter open studio

hope you all had a lovely weekend. it was a bit rainy and grey here for us so not very fun at all but then we saw that david had done a little post about us on his wonderful blog you have been here sometime which totally cheered us up. it's another of our favourite blogs and he said some very kind words about us - thankyou david, we are flattered.

we are missing those sunny weekends we had a couple of weeks back and we are crossing our fingers for nice weather this weekend too. we are opening our studio for 3 days over easter - saturday 3rd, sunday 4th & monday 5th april (10.30am to 4pm each day) - so wish us a little sunshine please.

we hope you can come along and visit us - we will have some furniture for sale & a selection of accessories (mirrors, clocks, lamps, chopping boards, lanterns) and a few discounted items too.
to find our studio simply follow the signs from the A39 at Welcombe Cross and to find Welcombe click here for a map.
If you haven't been to our studio before - we live & work on the coast at the border of North Devon & North Cornwall, in the lovely little hamlet of Welcombe. It has a stunning beach, beautiful coastal walks and a lovely old thatched pub serving yummy home cooked food - perfect for an easter visit.

hope to see you this weekend.


pachadesign {website}
all images: pachadesign easter 2010 open studio copyright © pachadesign 2010

26 Mar 2010

currently loving & have a nice weekend

this week seems to have flown by for us. as well as packaging up orders and delivering new tables, we have been working on a sideboard commission, adding things to our website and (finally!) emailing our mailing list with our spring '10 newsletter {here}. hope you have all had a productive week too.

we'll leave you this week with our latest little collection of things we are currently loving {links & info below} and wish you all a lovely weekend.

the national trust treasure hunt blog - a wonderful source of information about the historic & beautiful places that the national trust looks after, written eloquently by Emile de Bruijn. {blog} {image copyright©NTPL/Andrew Butler}
fairy tail card - by studio tord boontje {website} for artecnica {website}
tanya goodwin - uk stylist represented by re:fresh agency {website} ... we found this stunning image on deborah's lovely tumblr page {here}
flora grubb - beautiful garden shop in san francisco's bayview district ... we are totally smitten with the vertical wall gardens {website}

alice anderson's time reversal

alice anderson's latest exhibition 'time reversal', at the riflemaker gallery in soho, consists of thousands of metres of hair as part of her installation 'rapunzel' which threads it's way outside of the gallery via a window above the entrance, back in through a window on the first floor and down a chimney to form a circular loop over the two floors.
as well as 'rapunzel', the exhibition includes films, sculptures & photographs based on alice's fictional childhood memories.
read more about alice's stunning work, her background & influences on riflemaker's website and on her own website. {links below}

'time reversal' opened on the 1st march '10 and runs until 24th april '10 at riflemaker, 79 beak street, london w1.


alice anderson {website}
riflemaker gallery {website}
time reversal exhibition details {here}

25 Mar 2010


a huge thankyou to jennifer from field & sea for featuring us on her "collection of loveliness" - it's one of our favourite blogs, full of little snippets of beautiful things that she has discovered as well as images of her own lovely handmade paper goods & art (remember her beautiful script beads from our last currently loving collection). so we are thrilled to be included (and on the same page as jennifer's entry about artist claire basler who's stunning home & studio we featured too). thankyou jennifer.


field & sea {collection of loveliness} {etsy shop} {website}

our new sj coffee table

sorry for not posting anything yesterday - after our few days away we came back to a few website orders that we had to package & post off and we also delivered a new coffee table (now on the furniture page on our website).

we designed the sj coffee table as a commission for our friend sarah, who organises the contemporary craft fair at bovey tracey. sarah wanted a new coffee table for her living room, a little smaller than her previous one, and with drawers for magazines, ect. we decided to design a square table for her, giving her loads more space in the room, and having the drawer fronts in blackened oak to contrast with the natural oak. the table has 2 wide drawers, one either side and was made from sustainably sourced cornish oak, finished with an eco hard wax oil.

for all the details of the table click here


sj coffee table by pachadesign {website}
all images: sj coffee table by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

23 Mar 2010

our little giveaway winners

a little later than anticipated, but we have finally done the draw for our little leaf lantern giveaway. thankyou to everyone that took part - it's lovely to hear your feedback about our furniture & accessories so we really appreciate you taking the time to look at our website and comment.
for those of you that are new to our little blog and found us via the giveaway, we hope you'll continue to follow us here and if you didn't win this time, I'm sure we will be hosting more giveaways in the future.

we decided to give 3 lanterns away and the names that glenn picked out from all the little brown bits of paper are:

deborah at kickan & conkers blog
liza at postcards from colorado blog

well done to you 3 - we'll be emailing you for your postal addresses very soon and then posting off your leaf lantern. we hope you like them. sorry to everyone else and thankyou so much for taking part.


images: leaf lantern giveaway winners copyright © pachadesign 2010

22 Mar 2010


hope you all had a lovely weekend. we have been away for a few days so a bit of a late post for us today and unfortunately we haven't managed to draw for our little giveaway yet either - we will do it tomorrow, we promise.

thanks for your lovely comments about our new mirrors - we will be adding a new coffee table to the furniture page this week, so it would be lovely to hear what you think about that too.

and thankyou to unpolished life blog for the little feature about our work.

giveaway winners tomorrow!


image: blue sunshine copyright © pachadesign 2010

19 Mar 2010

new mirrors on our website

we have just added 4 new mirrors to the accessories page on our website - they are all fairly large sculptural mirrors, 3 in reclaimed cornish slate & 1 made with lots of lovely oak off-cuts.
the details for each mirror are on our website - do have a look and tell us what you think.

our square off-set mirror has a beautiful piece of reclaimed cornish slate covering two thirds, with a long strip of mirror to one side. this piece (when not in stock) can be made to order, and at different sizes depending on the slate we can get - and, as every piece of the slate is different, each mirror will be unique. {more details here}

we first made our full-length oak off-cuts mirrors last year for a summer show and they sold straight away. the oak off-cuts are all different widths & heights, with some being slightly darker in colour than others. again, with the off-set design that we use often, the full-length piece of mirror sits to one side. {more details here}

{left} this is one of our favourite new designs probably because it's so striking as it's over 2 metres long. we have exhibited a couple of these mirrors now in beautiful white spaces and they have sold instantly. pieces of reclaimed cornish slate this size are becoming harder to find but we do have a few pieces in stock to make commissions like this. {more details here}
{right} this mirror was originally made as a commission for a couple in london to go over their fireplace. they needed a really large mirror and the reclaimed cornish slate that we use is impossible to find in the sizes they needed, so we came up with the 2 piece frame. we thought it worked really well and they loved it. {more details here}


pachadesign {website}
all images: sculptural mirrors by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

18 Mar 2010

our weekend

as promised, a few pictures from the walk we did last weekend with some friends. We have walked on Bodmin Moor before and to the top of Rough Tor but never to the highest point of Cornwall (Brown Willy), so this was a first for us. It was another beautiful sunny day, stunning blue skies with the Moor looking almost golden in places.


all images: bodmin moor walk set copyright © pachadesign 2010

17 Mar 2010

little india apartment

we thought we'd share with you another favourite interior of ours from elle decoration magazine, this time from the november '09 issue & beautifully photographed by Richard Powers. the apartment, owned by Joy & Colin Seah of Ministry of Design, has a perfect mix of industrial and ethnic: cool grey concrete floors & walls, dark coloured wood, tatami mats, bamboo screens & sheer curtains and paper shades & exposed bulbs on endless lengths of black cord that zig-zag across the ceilings.
these dramatic colours and materials contrast each other beautifully, with little touches here and there of fallen trees and brightly coloured orchids.


november '09 issue {elle decoration}
ministry of design {website}
photgraphy by Richard Powers {website}

16 Mar 2010

coming soon

we are going to be adding a few new pieces to our website soon .... a few big sculptural mirrors on the accessories page and a new coffee table on the furniture page. the pages are built so we should be putting the mirrors on this week and the table will be added next week.

we'll let you know when they are online.


all images: accessories & furniture by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

15 Mar 2010

frosty mornings

it's frosty mornings, sunny days and cold cold nights here in devon at the moment. the weather is due to change at the end of the week, so we have been making the most of it. we did a bit of work in our garden on saturday and went for another beautiful long walk on sunday with some friends (we might post a few pictures from the walk this week). hope you guys all had good weekends.

a busy week ahead for us - I have to build a few new pages for our website and get our spring newsletter sorted out. glenn has just finished a beautiful new coffee table. we designed it as a commission for a friend and should be taking photo's of it today. now glenn is working on a slate and oak sideboard commission. we'll show you images of both of these very soon.

thanks to kristi from lovely velo for featuring us on her blog last week {here} - what a lovely surprise.


image: willow & frost copyright © pachadesign 2010

12 Mar 2010

foals & have a nice weekend

friday, a song & video ...... there seem to be a few patterns happening within this little blog of ours - we shall have to put a stop to that (we have never liked routine). but we feel like sharing a song & video with you like we did last week. this time it's spanish sahara by foals - a beautifully haunting video and the song is just amazing. (credits & links below).

we can't stop listening to this at the moment. click full screen and play this loud.

have a beautiful weekend and thanks to everyone that took the time to comment this week - your comments on our little giveaway post have been especially lovely and very much appreciated.


spanish sahara by foals - {website} {myspace}
video by dave ma - {website} {myspace}

11 Mar 2010

days like these

glenn has had a few surfs this week - his first since he broke his wrist back in january. he has been dying to get back in the water and the last few days have been so sunny and beautiful here .... too good to miss really.

let's hope there are more days like these.


image: days like these copyright © pachadesign 2010

10 Mar 2010

currently loving

perhaps this currently loving is going to be a wednesday thing (?)
(descriptions & links below)


derriere - cool looking restaurant in paris {website} {more pics on yatzer by andrea ferrari here}
protect our waves - lovely film by richard stewart {website} for surfers against sewage {website}, with animation by robin bushell {website}
mast brothers chocolate - we would buy chocolate from these guys {website}
field & sea - jennifer creates the loveliest handmade paper goods & art, we have some of her beautiful script beads {website} {etsy shop} {her inspiration}

9 Mar 2010

our weekend

a few pictures we took of our coastal walk at the weekend.

we walked from our beach here at Welcombe, along the headland to Morwenstowe, and then inland through the Marsland Valley.
there was a chill in the air but the sunshine was beautiful, the sea and the sky so blue, and the gorse is starting to smell of coconut.


all images: weekend walk set copyright © pachadesign 2010

home is where the heart is by ilse crawford

a favourite book of ours is home is where the heart is by ilse crawford - a beautiful book that explores the philosophy of putting the human element back into our homes, rather than just focusing on the aesthetics. In a series of essays (survival, protection, love, respect, self & details) Ilse looks at how we can improve our lives, our homes and our day to day activities.

we thought we would share a couple of paragraphs from the book with you that instantly rung true to us - about how we feel about consumerism and why we design the way we do and use the materials that we do.

from the book home is where the heart is by Ilse Crawford


Ilse Crawford {website}
home is where the heart is {here}

8 Mar 2010

our little giveaway

we hope you all had a lovely weekend. it's a beautiful sunny monday morning here in devon and, as promised on friday, here are the details of our little giveaway. we thought it would be a nice way to celebrate our new journal & to say thankyou to all of you that follow us and take the time to comment on our posts, by hosting a little giveaway.

we have chosen our leaf lanterns (not sure how many we are going to give away yet, perhaps we'll see what response we get). so many of you featured our lanterns on your own blogs this xmas and seemed to fall in love with them, so we thought they would be the perfect giveaway prize to say thanks.

we make our leaf lanterns using plant fibre & skeleton leaves and each comes in a little box with a tea-light & care instructions. they look lovely in natural daylight and, when lit, have a warm golden glow. there are more details & images of the lanterns on our website {link}.

to be in with a chance of winning one of our leaf lanterns, please visit our website pachadesign {link} and tell us on this post your favourite piece from our furniture or accessories range - and don't forget to leave your email address too please. if you are on our followers list (on this new blog) you will get an extra chance of winning - to follow us simply add this blog address to your reading list on your blogger dashboard or click the follow button on the sidebar of this blog.

we'll let you know the winners in about 2 weeks time (either the 22nd or 23rd march) - good luck & feel free to let your own readers know about our little giveaway if you wish.


images: leaf lanterns by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

5 Mar 2010

the middle east & have a nice weekend

we hope that you have all enjoyed the first week of our new blog. thankyou for all your lovely comments on the new layout - we are thrilled that you like it.

we'll be giving you details on Monday of our little giveaway so don't forget to pop in and add our new blog address to your reading lists (so we can see you in our followers list and make sure you get an extra chance of winning).

we thought we'd leave you this week with a lovely song & video from one of our favourite bands at the moment, The Middle East. The song is called Blood and is beautiful, but a little sad too. (credits & links below).

enjoy the rest of your friday & the weekend and let us know what you think of the song & video.


the middle east {website} & {myspace}
video by greedy hen {website}

4 Mar 2010

parisian iron works

it's safe to say that we are a little obsessed with industrial buildings, factories, lofts, old barns (we live in an old converted barn). So when we saw the beautiful home of artist Claire Basler, in the march issus of elle decoration, we had to share it with you.

Claire lives and works in the former iron works on the outskirts of Paris, surrounded by beautiful plants & flowers, both inside her home and out. It's this nature and greenery that inspire her large scale paintings.

we love the way she has created her home & studio in this vast space, with different living areas made with screens, false walls, and branches & flowers in amongst the iron beams.


march '10 issue {elle decoration}
artist Claire Basler {website}
photography Mads Mogensen {website}

3 Mar 2010

currently loving

every week, or every fortnight, or maybe simply whenever we feel like it, we are going to share with you a little collection of things we are currently loving (in a post like this and on the sidebar above the "we like" list).
it might be a film or a song, a beautiful design, a photographers work, a new blog that we have come across, a book - just a few things that have caught our eye and made us want to show you all.

here is the first, enjoy.

letter to jane magazine - a beautiful online publication by Tim Moore
frame, crescent, eclipse - stunning bottle openers by Oji Masanori
toast travels - the new online cultural scrapbook from toast
lives of the artists - beautifully shot film directed by Ross Cairns

2 Mar 2010

we've gone international

2 of our coffee tables are now available online in the US from Hudson International in New York.
low tea - our very low & cool tea table, made from reclaimed oak & black powder-coated steel.
stanley - one of our favourite designs, made from reclaimed oak with stainless steel bases.

Hudsonint.com is the new website from Hudson Furniture based in the meatpacking district in New York. The website was set up to promote the freshest design talent worldwide, bringing together an exquisite range of furniture & lighting, all hand picked by owner Barlas Baylar.

we are extremely flattered to have been chosen & to be included in this beautiful collection.

Hudson International's first ad is in the feb issue of Interior Design magazine and includes an image of our coffee table stanley (bottom left corner).

a few of our favourites from the collection are the turret pendant, 3 globe naked bulb branching bubble pendant & the vass storage.


top & middle images: hudsonint.com (low tea & stanley images by pachadesign)
bottom image: hudsonint.com

1 Mar 2010


welcome to our new blog!

we thought it was time for a change - so, new location, new name & a new look. we hope that you like it. we are going to be adding new pages at some point (we'll let you know as and when). hopefully those of you that were following and reading our old blog will join us here now too.

we have a few things to share with you this week & a little giveaway coming up soon too - it will be open to all, but if you add yourself as a follower to this blog, you will have an extra chance. everyone who was following the old blog, don't forget to add yourselves here now and we'll give you details of the giveaway soon.

enjoy & thanks for joining us here.


image: jasmine tea copyright © pachadesign 2010
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