30 Apr 2012

patricia larsen

we really like patricia larsen's latest paintings, especially painting no.36 and no.38.
see more {here}.

and her series of photographs of living in mexico are beautiful too {more here}.


patricia larsen {website}

5 Apr 2012


looking forward to seeing a copy of this book - woodcut by bryan nash gill.

we think his work is beautiful, especially the use of bronze in some of his sculptures.
blown down trunk is one of our favourites.

woodcut, bryan nash gill {available here}
bryan nash gill {website}

4 Apr 2012

archipelago cinema

how cool is this.

archipelago cinema: a floating auditorium by ole scheeren.
designed for film on the rocks yao noi - the thai film festival
curated by tilda swinton & apichatpong weerasethakul.

ole scheeren {website}
film on the rocks yao noi {website}
images by: piyatat hemmatat, sixtysix visual, doug bruce, film on the rocks yao noi foundation

3 Apr 2012

the slug and the squirrel

we are totally in love with these "objects of wilderness", created by jose agatep from the slug and the squirrel.
each one-of-a-kind terrarium is created within found bottles & jars and filled with locally grown plants & wild mosses on top of earth, sand & stone.

"inside each grows something humble, yet extraordinary: a reconnection to nature. the sense of enchanted discovery.

a simple reminder to feel happy in your soul".

the slug and the squirrel {website}

2 Apr 2012

cotehele gallery exhibition

we have a few pieces of work on display at cotehele gallery in cornwall as part of the new exhibition which opened at the weekend. the exhibition focus is on craftsman built furniture by makers based in the west country but also features other disciplines including glass, ceramics, textiles, metalwork, lighting & printmaking.

we have a selection of our groupies tables and also our offset oak & steel console table in the current exhibition, as well as a selection of our lamps, mirrors & clocks.

the exhibition runs until 23rd may and the gallery is open everyday from 11am to 5pm.
for more info on the gallery, visit the website {here}
and for more info on visiting the stunning house & gardens, visit the website {here}
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