30 Aug 2010

series: collection 1 poppies

poppy (common name)
papaver (latin name)

we have collected so many poppy seedheads this year and there are still a few flowering in our garden. the flowers are so delicate, one gust of wind and the petals seem to fly away. we won't pick all the seedheads, we shall leave some so the seeds can be scattered by the wind.


images: collection 1 poppies by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

series: collections

we've been collecting seeds and dead flowers from our garden all summer and especially over the last few weeks - lots of plants are started to go to seed but they still look just as beautiful, some even more so. we thought we'd share what we've been collecting with you in a little series.
the first collection will be coming up later today.


image: collections by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

27 Aug 2010

autumn & toast

today the sun came out but all of august has felt like autumn here.
we'd like a little more summer please.

when autumn does arrive though we won't mind if it feels like this: toast aw10

enjoy your weekend.


toast travels {website}
toast {website}

26 Aug 2010


yet again we've had a little time away from the blog ... it's a busy time for us at the moment. we've had a few visitors of late - glenn's niece ella came to stay for a couple of weeks and helped us set up our studio for the welcombe open studios (thanks ella!) and then it was lovely to catch up with my brother & his girlfriend after their little USA trip. so we have been entertaining as well as working hard and feel thoroughly exhausted now.

thankyou to all of you that came to see our studio at the welcombe open studios, it was great to catch up with you all. we organised the event a little late this year but it seemed to be just as successful as usual. all the artists were pleased with the amount of visitors and sales they had and we were really pleased with how it went. our sumi coffee table sold along with lots of our accessories too. now we have lots of making to do in preperation for our next show (more about that later).


images: pachadesign studio copyright © pachadesign 2010

13 Aug 2010

we are open

hope to see you all this weekend - we are open friday, saturday & sunday, 10.30am - 4.30pm.

studio 1: pachadesign, well barn, welcombe, near bideford, devon, ex39 6hg

welcombe open studios '10 - info {here} and {here}

pachadesign {website}

11 Aug 2010

welcombe open studios '10 - studios 1 & 6

here is a little more info about the last two studios at this weekends Welcombe Open Studios '10. first up is us and then our friend Rick at studio 6.

studio 1: pachadesign

for those of you who are new to our work, we design & make contemporary furniture & accessories from locally sourced reclaimed and natural resources. our work evolves from a simplistic approach to design and the materials that we use (oak, slate & metal), combining pared down aesthetics with the japanese view of wabi sabi, beauty in imperfection.

we will have a selection of furniture & accessories at our studio, including a range of our reclaimed cornish slate mirrors and clocks starting at £30 with some larger sculptural pieces too, oak and slate lamps, leaf lanterns and oak chopping boards with little ones perfect for garlic or chillies starting at £5. we will also have sets of our new coasters and sushi plates for sale.

as well as some discounted mirrors and clocks starting at £20, we will have one of our sumi square oak and slate coffee tables at a not to be missed reduced price.

studio 6: Rick Hall

Rick's studio is set in amongst a beautiful wooded part of Welcombe, a little further along the lovely coast road and absolutely worth the 5 minute drive from the rest of the studios in Welcombe. Rick's paintings are colourful, full of depth, movement and optical trickery. He uses a strange drawing machine called a twin elliptic harmonograph to produce his fine and complex images. Rick will be showing a selection of original pieces, work in progress and prints starting from £5.

studios 2 & 4 {here} and studios 3 & 5 {here}

Welcombe Open Studios '10
13th, 14th & 15th august - 10.30am to 4.30pm
for more info click {here} and {here}


top 3 sets - pachadesign furniture & accessories copyright © pachadesign 2010
bottom - Rick Hall

10 Aug 2010

welcombe open studios '10 - studios 2 & 4

being as Welcombe Open Studios '10 is this friday, saturday & sunday, we thought we'd do a couple of posts this week about the artists you can visit to give you an idea of what work you will see at their studios. we hope you will be able to come along and see their work for yourselves.

studio 2: David Westcott at Welcombe Pottery.

about 150 yards from our studio is Welcombe Pottery where David Westcott has been working for the past 6 years. He produces a wide range of slip decorated earthenware including mugs, cups with saucers, bowls, milk jugs, plates & more in either blue with white spots or green with dark spots. other ranges include white with terracotta, lovely blue and white detailed designs and earthy browns and yellows. David also makes beautiful little raku vases & pots in white, blue, copper and red.

studio 4: Rebecca Cohen.

Rebecca's studio is at her lovely old house, Mead Cottage, where she will be showing a selection of her paintings from large scale pieces to smaller life drawings & portraits too. she will also be exhibiting work on a persoanl theme and a range of her one-off ceramics.

Welcombe Open Studios '10
13th, 14th & 15th august - 10.30am to 4.30pm
for more info click {here} and {here}


images: top - David Westcott at Welcombe Pottery & bottom - Rebecca Cohen

8 Aug 2010

welcombe open studios '10

this weekend coming is our last event for the summer, so we hope you can all come along to pay us a visit. the forecast is saying sunshine so it should be a lovely day out - as well as the artists studios to visit we have a lovely pub, the old smithy inn, about 150 yards from our studio and the beach is just down the lane. there is also the beautiful Marsland Valley Nature Reserve if you fancy having a walk around this lovely part of Devon that we live in.

Welcombe Open Studios, now in it's 5th year, sees artists opening their studios to the public this year for 3 days - 13th, 14th & 15th August.

pachadesign - we will be open from 10.30am to 4.30pm, with a selection of furniture & accessories. we will have a range of our reclaimed cornish slate mirrors & clocks, starting from £30 with some larger sculptural pieces too, our oak and slate lamps, leaf lanterns, and oak chopping boards starting at £5 for little ones perfect for chopping up garlic or chillies on. we will also have more sets of our new coasters and japanese sushi plates.

David Westcott - our local potter will have a wide range of slip decorated earthenware, raku pots and sculpture at Welcombe Pottery.

Rebecca Cohen - life drawing & painting, portraits, work on a personal theme and some one-off ceramics.

John Moat - books (novels, short stories, poetry collections), several limited editions, paintings, poem prints and etchings.

Rick Hall - Rick uses a strange drawing machine known as a twin elliptic harmonograph to produce beautiful images, rich in colour, depth & movement. He will also have smaller drawings starting at £5 for sale that we are sure will be snapped up! Rick's studio is a little further than the rest but absolutely worth the lovely drive along the coast road.

Welcombe lies on the coast at the border of North Devon & Cornwall, inbetween Hartland & Bude - click {here} to see where we are.
there will be leaflets with maps to find all studios in a few places in Welcombe (the local shop, the pub, the village hall & each studio) but all studios will be signposted around the village too.
we will all be open from 10.30am to 4.30pm so we hope to see you this friday, saturday & sunday.
for more info check out the Welcombe Arts website {here}

work and press

we've missed a couple of weeks of posting on the blog, as you know, but have been working hard (hope you haven't missed our posts too much). we had lots of gallery orders that are all finished and delivered now and we just delivered a beautiful commission that we will tell you all about very soon. we've been planning for a couple of shows we have coming up, one of them being the Welcombe Open Studios '10, which has crept up so fast and is this weekend! our next post will give you all the details. there is lots more we have been doing but we'll update you over the next few posts.

in the meantime, we wanted to say thankyou to Matthew Brace for including our chaise longue in his piece "Sitting pretty: the chaise longue through the years" for Abu Dhabi's English newspaper The National. we are flattered that he said "an absolute must in my minimalist home of the future is this divinely simple but warm and welcoming model by pachadesign ...... " you can read the article {here}


chaise longue by pachadesign {website}

image: chaise longue by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

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