21 Sept 2010

origin 2010

we are off to Origin tomorrow to set up our stand - wish us luck! and if any of you are in the area, pop in and say hi. details for the show below.
we don't think we'll get time to post while we are at the show but we'll let you know all about it after next week. keep an eye on our twitter though {here}

pachadesign - stand J43

origin - the london craft fair
23-29 sept '10
old spitalfields market, london, e1 6ew

20 Sept 2010

thankyou yhbhs

david knows how to make us blush!

thankyou once again for your kind words about our work david. we really appreciate all your support and are so pleased that you like the new piece.

read david's thoughts on our new piece rust shikiri {here}

and if you haven't already checked out david's blog, you must. it's one of our favourite blogs and david has impeccable taste (and we aren't just saying that because he's featured our work 3 times now!)

thanks again david!


you have been here sometime {here} & on twitter {here}
rust shikiri open shelving by us {here}

19 Sept 2010

rust shikiri open shelving

we promised you some pictures a while ago now of our latest piece of furniture. we had designed a few different open shelving units and thought this one would be good for Jill's commission. this one incorporates rusty steel and oak - this was our favourite from all the designs we had given Jill so we were really pleased that she went for this one.

this piece is called rust shikiri - it would work really well as an open shelf screen in a large room (shikiri means screen in japanese). we designed the piece with different size openings, cupboards with rusty steel doors & sides in rusty steel too. the images were taken by us in our workshop, displayed with a selection of black ceramics, metal pieces and some of our favourite books.
more details below and on our website {here} - hope you like it.

rust shikiri
open shelving with cupboards

sustainably sourced local oak - finished with an eco hard wax oil
rusty steel - protected with a sealant
all glues used are non-toxic & solvent free

made to order - click {here} for more info


pachadesign {website}

images: rust shikiri open shelving by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

16 Sept 2010

origin 2010 part 2: come & see us

only 1 week to go now before Origin - we still have lots to do but it's all coming together (despite a few set backs). we'll be showing a selection of pieces including furniture and large sculptural mirrors, and a few smaller accessories too. we hope to see some of you there.

we will be at stand J43 and if you want to book your tickets for Origin, you can book online {here}.

come & see us.


pachadesign {website}

Origin - The London Craft Fair {website}
23-29 september 2010
old spitalfields market, london, e1 6ew

images: pachadesign furniture & accessories copyright © pachadesign 2010

15 Sept 2010

origin 2010 part 1: makers

as you know, we are exhibiting at Origin next week, so we thought we'd put together a little selection of makers work that we are looking forward to seeing, as part 1 of our posts about the show. there will be 220 designer makers at the show, exhibiting & selling their work over the week at lovely Old Spitalfields Market in the east end of London.
we are really looking forward to the show and will hopefully get time to check out some of the other things that are going on as part of the London Design Festival too.

we will post part 2 later this week, but for now we hope you enjoy our little selection - credits & links below.


top: hannah james, corrie williamson, abigail brown
middle: wycliffe stutchbury, james & tilla waters, louise greenfield
bottom: louise francis-evans, lubna chowdhary, lowri davies

Origin - The London Craft Fair {website}
23-29 september 2010
old spitalfields market, london, e1 6ew

8 Sept 2010

wednesday already

hope you all had a good weekend .... and a good monday & tuesday .... and most of wednesday now too. we have been pretty busy making work for Origin, which is in less than 2 weeks! some things are going to plan, others absolutely not, and we keep changing our minds about things too, but it's all fine (she typed calmly).
we finished some of our beautiful reclaimed oak & slate lamps today so they will be coming to Origin with us. we will be doing a post very soon letting you know a bit more the show and what other exhibitors we are looking forward to seeing.

enjoy the rest of wednesday.


lamp: reclaimed oak with reclaimed cornish slate inset by us - click {here} for details
pachadesign {website}

image: oak & slate lamp by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

4 Sept 2010

bombay bicycle club

we are loving this beautiful song called rinse me down by bombay bicycle club at the moment. hope you do too.

have a lovely weekend.


bombay bicycle club {website}

series: collection 4 honesty

honesty (common name)
lunaria (latin name)

the seedpods of the plant honesty are one of our favourites. the seed capsules are like little discs that have two outer walls that fall away to reveal a beautiful papery thin transparent partition inside and small flat dark seeds. even the name is beautiful - lunaria, derived from luna meaning moon.
ever since I was really young I have been a little obsessed with this plant - I used to string the papery discs together and hang them everywhere and in college I made sculptures using them too. we made some mobiles again this summer with the seedpods we had collected and have hung them in our house.

this is the last of our collections for now - hope you liked them and we shall post some more from time to time too. if you missed the other's you can find them all {here}


images: collection 4 honesty by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

2 Sept 2010

series: collection 3 columbine

columbine (common name)
aquilegia (latin name)

we picked the seedheads from our aquilegia weeks ago and dried them out on our kitchen windowsill - they look like little crowns and contain shiny black seeds. we've collected so many seedheads but thought we'd show you a few we have kept in a little glass jar.

hope you are enjoying the collections so far. a couple more to come soon but we are sure we will be showing more of our little collections regularly, especially as autumn is just around the corner.

collections 1 poppies {here} & 2 foxgloves {here}


images: collection 3 columbine by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010

1 Sept 2010

series: collection 2 foxgloves

foxglove (common name)
digitalis purpurea (latin name)

the foxgloves in our garden are self seeded, probably from the hedgerows around here. in the summer, the headland down by the beach here is scattered with them everywhere. this year we left the foxgloves in our garden until all the pretty pink bells had fallen off, and the spikes had formed their little seedpods, then cut a few stems for a vase in our house. a few seedheads that had fallen off were perfect for a little white bowl on our windowsill.

collection 1 poppies {here}


images: collection 2 foxgloves by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010
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