19 Dec 2010

isabel dammermann

a little selection of some of our favourite pieces from jeweller isabel dammermann. these stunning pieces are from her "treasuries" collection. isabel uses some unusual & beautiful materials for her work: found objects, silver, fake ivory, shibuishi, shells, fabric and even transparent paper.
we love the way her silver pieces look so raw and chalky and unpolished, like the two neck pieces and the two rings below. and we had never heard of shibuishi until seeing her work - an alloy of silver & copper that, in isabel's pieces, produce beautiful colours from blacks & greys to reds/pinks & browns.

1. rings, silver
2. pendant, silver, cotton
3. brooch, silver, shell
4. necklace, silver, ebony, leather
5. brooch, shibuishi, silver, found stone


isabel dammermann {website}

found via the best time of the day - thanks g, you always find the coolest jewellery.


  1. These are so beautiful.
    Never heard about shibuishi as well so thanks for the short and clear explanation!

    Have a lovely Xmas and happy holidays! ♥

  2. thankyou - isn't her work beautiful!
    hope you have a lovely xmas & new year too x


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