4 Dec 2012


disaster!  our pc has broken.  it stopped working on sunday afternoon and we've just managed to get our very old & very slow laptop online so we can let everyone know what's going on.

hopefully we will be able to retrieve everything from the hard drive but at the moment we are stuck.
what's worse is, because the email client we use holds all of our previous/old emails on the hard drive of our pc, we can't access any of the emails and we can't email back anyone that is waiting for replies from us!

if anyone has emailed with enquiries in the last few days, please email us again {as we can access new emails} ..... and, in particular, we need Mrs Christopher to contact us regarding the images we were hoping to send on sunday.

regarding our leaf lanterns ..... they are back in stock but you'll have to email or phone us if you'd like to purchase them.

we'll keep you posted as to when we get everything back to normal.

sammy & glenn

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