15 Apr 2010

andrea cochran landscape architecture

we recently discovered the beautiful landscape architecture of Andrea Cochran and fell in love with her use of grasses, old olive trees and rusty metal. We love rusty metal and use it in our own work in our furniture designs and sometimes for mirrors too and have always thought it looks stunning in nature. We are also a little obsessed with grasses and Andrea Cochran uses them beautifully. Her work combines perfectly colour, texture, shape & light.

The firm, based in San Francisco, have some great projects on their website but one of our favourites is Stone Edge Farm in Sonoma, California. The site includes a drought tolerant meadow planted with 4 types of grasses in layers (pink muhly, atlas fescue, slender veldt & little bluestem), California bay trees, oak & buckeyes, beautiful old olive trees and some stunning structures.

There are more images of this project & others on the firms website and they also have a book out - Andrea Cochran: Landscapes published by Princeton Architectural Press - we will definitely be buying this book.


Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture {website}
Book available at Princeton Architectural Press {website}

images: 1 & 4. Vicky Sambunaris. 2. Marion Brenner. 3. Emily Rylander.


  1. WOW! Modern but softened by nature, I love the "gardens".

  2. Amazing - I love Olive trees. we have 21 in our garden, not as old or as beautiful as these but wonderful nevertheless. We took our olives to the olive press last year and use our own oil. Simple pleasures are always the best!

  3. len - glad you like them.

    deb - your own olive oil, that's very cool. yeah, we love olive trees too but not sure how they would weather here.


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