2 Sept 2010

series: collection 3 columbine

columbine (common name)
aquilegia (latin name)

we picked the seedheads from our aquilegia weeks ago and dried them out on our kitchen windowsill - they look like little crowns and contain shiny black seeds. we've collected so many seedheads but thought we'd show you a few we have kept in a little glass jar.

hope you are enjoying the collections so far. a couple more to come soon but we are sure we will be showing more of our little collections regularly, especially as autumn is just around the corner.

collections 1 poppies {here} & 2 foxgloves {here}


images: collection 3 columbine by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010


  1. You are so organized! When we go on walks we collect seed heads and dry them and scatter them about the yard. We don't know what, where, or if the seeds will come up but it is always fun to see the new plants.

  2. len - that sounds beautiful ... we have a little area in our veggie garden where we want to do just that - scatter all different wild flower seeds and just wait and see.

  3. All of your collections look beautiful!


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