4 Sept 2010

series: collection 4 honesty

honesty (common name)
lunaria (latin name)

the seedpods of the plant honesty are one of our favourites. the seed capsules are like little discs that have two outer walls that fall away to reveal a beautiful papery thin transparent partition inside and small flat dark seeds. even the name is beautiful - lunaria, derived from luna meaning moon.
ever since I was really young I have been a little obsessed with this plant - I used to string the papery discs together and hang them everywhere and in college I made sculptures using them too. we made some mobiles again this summer with the seedpods we had collected and have hung them in our house.

this is the last of our collections for now - hope you liked them and we shall post some more from time to time too. if you missed the other's you can find them all {here}


images: collection 4 honesty by pachadesign copyright © pachadesign 2010


  1. Had the same obsession with this plant (Monnaie du pape, in French).
    Maybe that's the reason why i'm drawing glasses for a compagny now...
    Who knows ?

  2. valéry - the name in french sounds beautiful too, thanks for telling us and thanks for commenting.

  3. A great series of posts on collections with great photos. Thanks you two.

  4. len - thanks so much, glad you liked them.

  5. Honesty is one of my favourite plants. we have it all over the house and I use it for artwork. I took some nice pictures of it here


    for the poppytalk collecting nature flickr group. I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at that, when you have a moment!


  6. Oh, how light and gorgeous! I so wish I lived closer and could come a see your collection in person. Your work sweep me off my feet:)

  7. deb - thanks for the links, we keep meaning to have a look at that flickr collection group.

    marie - thanks for your lovely comment, glad you liked our collections.

  8. Gorgeous! Do you mind telling me what the font is you have used for the lettering. My mum had lots of honesty growing up. Oh, and I must check out that Flickr group too - sounds right up my street.

  9. thanks lynne! glad you like the collections. honesty is pretty when it's in flower but we love it when it turns into beautiful papery seed pods. the font we used on the pictures is monotype corsiva.


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