18 Nov 2010

billy bride

we spotted one of these beautiful rings on the man make home blog and had to investigate further. these stunning raw crystal rings are made by renee warne as part of her billy bride jewellery collection. all pieces are made in australia using indigene australian materials.

we think they are beautiful and we love the way she is passionate about keeping the stones so raw so as not to distract from their natural state.

there are more lovely rings on her website and do check out her blog too (details below).

lita - pyrite, energy & fire, boosts confidence & communication and overcomes indecision.
orin - smokey topaz, a divination stone, brings heightened awareness & clarity of mind.
ieke - clear quartz, a harmonizing stone, to amplify energy & thought.
issa - lapis lazuli, truth & protection, brings harmony & self knowledge, stimulates objectivity.


billy bride {website} & {blog}

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