1 Nov 2010


hope you all had a wicked halloween. we spent ours at a great little gig watching these guys. last night was the first night of their euro tour - catch them if you can {here}


midlake {website}


  1. love them. branches breaks my heart. do you know peter broderick? http://www.peterbroderick.net/?page_id=5 (i love the home album)
    also, great lake swimmers.. ..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJI0EKHoj7Y
    i hope you guys are having a nice winter so far and you are getting some time to relax between all the work. take care. best, g

  2. glad you like midlake too. we will have to look up peter broderick .. thanks for the link. we've heard of great lake swimmers but don't know much of their stuff ... another one we shall look up, cheers.
    the weather here today is awful, not the sort of winter weather we need ... fresh & blue & sunny & snow we can handle, but today is windy & rainy & grey.
    thanks again for the links,

    sammy & glenn


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