3 Nov 2010

surf jumble & board swap

there are lots of events happening this xmas but we think this one is a little different. a mix of surf related jumble, a bit of lovely art, yummy cakes & tea and the place to swap your board with someone else. {read more here}

our mate cai, over at gul bude, sent us this lovely poster with all the details. if you are interested in having a stall contact cai at gul (details on poster) and maybe we'll see you there.


gul bude {blog} & {twitter}


  1. it doesn't say where it is??? I like the idea and poster.

  2. it's at the parkhouse centre in bude (bottom of poster) ... bude is in north cornwall but the posters are only going up fairly locally so I guess they didn't think to put cornwall.

    should be a good day.


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