12 Feb 2011

bowls for kaiseki

when we made the new kaiseki table + bench (see post below), we also made 2 cornish slate pieces to go on the table - like placemats but for putting serving dishes on. they worked really well with the oak and the black steel. and when we set the table for the studio photographs we wanted a very simple look, nothing formal, just white plates and little tumbler glasses.

a couple of other pieces we thought would work really well with kaiseki is vincent van duyson's collection of pots for when objects work - beautiful earthenware containers with sand blasted oak lids. this black bowl or a collection of them would look great on the table.

we also love gary allson's hand made wooden bowls, plates & kitchen utensils. we've posted about gary's work before after we met him while exhibiting at origin last year. all of his pieces would suit the table but we thought this burnt oak bowl would look especially beautiful.


kaiseki by pachadesign {here}
pottery by vincent van duyson for when objects work {here}
oak bowl by gary allson {here}

top image: kaiseki by pachadesign 2011 copyright © pachadesign 2011

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