11 Feb 2011

new work - kaiseki

we added a couple of new pieces to our website today - this piece is called kaiseki and combines beautiful locally sourced oak and powder-coated black steel with stainless steel bolts. we also designed benches as a seating option for the table.

we named this piece after the japanese style of cuisine - kaiseki transforms the everyday & mundane. it uses simple seasonal ingredients and creates dishes of elegant simplicity & style.

the kaiseki table & bench was made for matthew & barbara's beautiful london kitchen and is featured on the product pages of the march 2011 issue of Icon magazine.

for more info & images on our website click {here}


kaiseki designed & made by pachadesign {here}

images: kaiseki by pachadesign 2011 copyright © pachadesign 2011


  1. beautiful as always. also, love the new rustic.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  2. thankyou giovanna, hope you have a lovely weekend too.


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