9 Feb 2011

news snippets

we've been busy this week - we've been working on a few updates for the website (not on there yet, but soon), making orders for a couple of galleries, decorating our house (slowly) and getting seeds ready for our garden (we are looking forward to getting out there and sorting out the beds). how's your week been so far ?

we wanted to thank Margarita from Chocolate Creative for including our rust shikiri unit in her wish list ..... thankyou! check out her blog {here} and her lovely shop too {here}.

we have a couple of new pieces of furniture to show you very soon and we'll have details of our next shows, exhibitions & open studios coming up too.

we also wanted to thank those of you that are following us on twitter - we don't "tweet" all that much, just every now and again to let you know what's new with us. follow us {here} if you aren't already.

1 comment:

  1. Seeds for the garden??/ how well organised, I do have a garden that I have hardly step into in the past few months, so much need the sun and start planting some veggies and flowers, lets hope it comes out soon haha...love your furniture.


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